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npm - node package manager

see nodejs

list all global packages without deps
$ npm list -g --depth=0
├── add-cors-to-couchdb@0.0.6
├── airsonos@0.2.6
├── cordova@7.0.0
├── heroku@0.2.0
├── ios-deploy@1.9.1
├── json@9.0.4
├── jspm@0.16.47
├── npm@4.2.0
└── serve@1.4.0
update npm itself
sudo npm install -g npm
npm check for updates
npm outdated
npm update packages
npm update
npm init creates package.json
npm init
npm install --save
install express and save it to package.json
npm install --save express
become owner of the /Users/you/.npm folder
sudo chown -R rick /Users/rick/.npm
npm install specific version

Use this syntax to install a specific version listed there:

sudo npm install -g phonegap@2.9.0-rc1-0.12.2
npm install gulp-sass@1.3.3 --save
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